Cloud Migration

Maryland based local government library wanted to move their web application to cloud as they wanted to outsource the hosting and maintenance work of server management and achieve higher availability of servers and web application.

We migrated the website from on premise hosting to Amazon Cloud and maintaining the cloud hosting and application ongoing basis, our in-house expertise of Cloud migration helped to successful migrate the website to cloud

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One of our oldest clients, a drug manufacturing firm in Boston was looking to hire Sr. Scientists (Formulation & Product Development) for its research unit. This requirement was for their medical breakthroughs division and the client needed PhD resources with decent publication history.


With extreme competition in scientific hiring and weak Boston talent map where demand far exceeded the supply, we knew that relocation packages and referral intensive networks were not going to be enough to meet the client’s demands. These were the main challenges that the client faced:

  • Finding top researchers and scientists in Boston with good publication history
  • Finding resources who had worked on drug-discovery and who could handle different stages from research to clinical trials
  • Preparing a robust relocation package for out of station candidates
Infojini’s Solution

Download our comprehensive case study to understand how our dedicated scientific recruitment team devised a 12-week post-doctoral recruitment campaign to reach the right Ph.D. candidates. Find out how innovative sourcing channels & digital campaigns helped us prepare a robust pool of scientific talent.


Texas based state university wanted to redesign the website and wanted to focus on the user experience of their key audience “Prospective Students”.

We followed a system user research approach and crafted an user experience which resulted in a better user experience and outcome as expected by the University.

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