Infojini provides team-based staffing for rapid workforce expansion. Access skilled professionals temporarily or permanently, ensuring seamless integration into your team.

With a focus on exceptional service, our agile staffing solutions meet your business needs, whether for peak seasons or long-term additions.

This strategy involves hiring a skilled professional team through a staffing agency, offering diverse skill sets and experience. It streamlines addressing skill gaps and workload changes without administrative hassles.

Team-based staffing offers businesses cost-effective scalability, rapidly addressing skill gaps and workload fluctuations.


Process that Infojini follows for each of the below services offered:

Our Process

Process that Infojini follows for each of the below services offered:


Assess Needs

Commence by comprehending the client's staffing needs, including talent specifications, desired timeframe, and particular details.


Source Talent

After assessing needs, tap into networks and job boards to locate fitting candidates with the required skills and qualifications.


Screen Candidates

Examine candidates via interviews, assessments, and resume assessments to ensure their skills match the requirements.



Compile a roster of exceptionally qualified candidates for client assessment, relying on the screening process to identify top talent.


Client Review

Allow the client to assess shortlisted candidates, either conducting interviews themselves or relying on Infojini's assessment.


Onboarding & Support

Ensure seamless onboarding, manage checks, references, paperwork, and provide ongoing support for utmost satisfaction.

Benefits of Team Based Staffing Services

Skilled Professional Access

Infojini's Team-Based Staffing grants access to skilled pros, tackling skill gaps and workload changes efficiently.

Tailored Team Formation

Our staffing specialists work with clients to create teams that precisely align with their distinct skill and experience needs.

Flexible Scalability

Clients can flexibly scale their workforce to handle workload changes without the complexities of individual employee management.

Overhead Reduction

Outsourcing administrative tasks minimizes overhead costs, allowing clients to focus on core business operations.

Swift Deployment

Rapidly deploy skilled teams to address immediate business needs, ensuring efficient project management.

Risk Mitigation

Varied skills reduce reliance on individuals, mitigating risks and enabling tech access via our knowledgeable experts.

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