Infojini's permanent staffing offers benefits like quality candidates, cost savings, and rapid hires. Our tailored approach ensures precise solutions aligned with client needs. Rigorous screening finds candidates suitable for both skills and culture, making us reliable for organizational growth.

Our customized method starts with understanding client staffing needs. Leveraging our network, we find the best talent matched to the role and culture. Recruiters use tools like interviews and checks to select top candidates. We refine criteria collaboratively for the best fit.

We support you through the hiring process, from negotiation to onboarding. This customized approach ensures top talent, boosting productivity, satisfaction, retention, and overall performance.


Process that Infojini follows for each of the below services offered:

Our Process

Process that Infojini follows for each of the below services offered:


Needs Assessment

Infojini collaborates with clients to grasp unique staffing needs. This involves pinpointing role-specific skills, experience, and qualifications.


Candidate Sourcing

Infojini employs diverse methods for candidate sourcing: job boards, social media, professional networks, and a vast database of pre-screened candidates.



Infojini's recruiters meticulously assess resumes, conduct initial interviews, and invite qualified candidates for skills and behavioral assessments.



Infojini conducts thorough background, reference, and criminal record checks on candidates, ensuring they meet qualifications and role compatibility.



Infojini delivers detailed reports on candidates' skills, experience, and qualifications, presenting the best-suited individuals to the client.


Interview & Selection

Infojini facilitates client-candidate interviews, offering continuous guidance. Upon selection, we ensure candidate onboarding for seamless integration.

Benefits of Permanent Staffing Services

Access to Top Talent

Infojini's permanent staffing provides access to a vast pool of high-caliber talent. Rigorous screening guarantees clients get the best-fit candidates.


Infojini's permanent staffing cuts costs on recruitment, onboarding, and training, freeing up clients to concentrate on core business.


Infojini's permanent staffing streamlines hiring, from assessment to onboarding, saving clients time for core business.

Tailored Flexibility

Our permanent staffing adapts to specific client needs, whether for one role or multiple, delivering customized solutions.

Risk Mitigation

Clients lower hiring risks with our expertise in managing legal and compliance, ensuring full regulatory compliance.

Enhanced Retention

Enhanced engagement achieved via well-planned onboarding and ongoing support significantly bolsters employee retention, fostering a loyal workforce.

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