Optimize the Way You Build Your Light Industrial Workforce with Geo-Staffing!

Getting manufacturing workers to show up every next day is a constant challenge. Recruiters are always on their toes to ensure workers do not leave them hanging on the day of joining. But top companies are addressing these challenges head-on. They are building an advanced set of tech tools to attract, retain, and engage workers. One such strategy that is gaining prominence in the manufacturing world is Geo-Staffing.

What is Geo-Staffing?

Geo-Staffing allows companies to show job posts and ads to workers living in the proximity of the site or work location. It helps firms deliver different content to different users based on their geographic location.

Find Top Light Industrial Workers Near You with Our Latest Geo-Staffing eBook!

Automate and accelerate your recruiting strategies for the light industrial workforce with our latest eBook. Learn how you can use Geo-Staffing to push real-time job notifications and engage with potential workers. Some of the topics that we cover in this eBook are:

  • Basics of Geo-Staffing
  • How to Push Real-time Job Notifications to Engage with Potential Workers?
  • How to Deploy Workers on Manufacturing Sites Using Location-Based Deployment?
  • Share Jobs & Refer Friends Using Advanced Referral-Management
  • Automate Recruitment Processes and Engagement Using Chatbot Support
  • How to Get Detailed View of Recruiting Campaigns for Insights?
  • Send Constant Safety Reminders with Robust Worker Safety Strategies