Achieve Your Workforce Diversity Goals in 2021!

Most workforce diversity plans fail to achieve desired results because they are not practical and are tough to implement. Having good intentions is one thing but actually hiring qualified people from diverse backgrounds is another. It requires a practical plan that identifies the areas of concern, incorporates innovative practices, and promotes community partnerships. In this eBook we’ve outlined the 10 practical steps that any organization should follow to achieve its diversity hiring goals in 2021. We’ve tried to be as detailed as possible and have listed all the information in easy to comprehend manner.

These are the different points that this eBook covers.

  • How to identify areas of concern for your organization?
  • Setting the right roles and responsibilities
  • Innovative sourcing channels for diversity hiring
  • Different communities you can partner with
  • State employment agencies and local meet-up groups you can tie-up with
  • How to implement bias-free recruiting practices?
  • How to train your staff on D&I, cross-cultural awareness, and discrimination-free workplace?
  • Important diversity events and fairs you must attend
  • How to analyze the results of your workforce diversity plan?
September 11, 2022

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