Gain the upper hand with the right career advice. Explore our career insights, advice, tips, and more to get a heads-up of what lies ahead. Tap on this information to familiarize yourself with the civilian workforce and prepare better with the right tips and tricks. Our goal is to help you get a foot in the door and make this civilian transition seamless for you.

  • Understand civilian behavior, expectations, and differences
  • Gather knowledge on veteran benefits, pay, and potential opportunities
  • Receive advice on resume building, skill training, and psychological barriers
  • Acquire insights on high-paying jobs, reusable military skills, and training programs

Career Advice

With the right guidance, there’s nothing that you cannot achieve. Here are a few career tips to help you get started on the path to a successful civilian journey.


Plug in an established veteran network and connect with experienced veterans who have successfully transitioned to a civilian life. Look for a mentor in the network.


Be smart with your career planning. Create a primary, alternate, contingency and emergency plan to identify a list of jobs you can apply to instead of relying on one job option.


Prepare in advance and leave nothing to chance. Enroll for mock interviews and build responses to make the best of every job opportunity that comes your way.


We’re committed to supporting the veterans in the transition process. Our veteran programs are comprehensive and cover all the stages of transitions. Especially skill training, job search, internships, civilian training, after transition assistance, and more.

Yes. Our team consists of veteran hiring experts who are dedicated to assisting veterans and transitioning members along with their spouses. Adept in veteran policies and regulations, these experts are well versed with all the major service branches – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.

Veterans’ preference is available to certain categories of veterans when applying for jobs with the federal government. Eligibility requirements and other regulations dealing with veterans’ preferences are regulated by the Office of Personnel Management. States may also have their own veterans’ preference regulations for state government jobs. If you believe your veterans’ preference rights have been violated, contact your local VETS office.

Infojini is associated with veteran-friendly companies across the globe. We have jobs spanning across industries – information technology, defense, government, manufacturing. Explore our companies hiring page to enquire about the open jobs. The U.S. Department of Labor also maintains a network of more than 2,400 American Jobs Centers that you can explore.

If you are soon going to be transitioning to civilian life, you can enroll in our veteran transition program. This program assists veterans in their transition and informs them about the veteran benefits, civilian career options. Plus, it guides the veterans and their families in the job-finding process. With hundreds of veterans placed in companies, you can also tap on our veteran network and seek mentors to guide you in this transition.

Get in touch with our hiring experts who can translate your military experience to relevant civilian skills and help you get the appropriate job. These experts know what ticks in the resume and what doesn’t as they directly collaborate with the companies for veteran placement. Also, take the help of online tools such as Zety to start building your civilian resume.

It is subjective to your military skills. However, we have seen that service members are successful in engineering, sales, customer service, and operation roles.

Yes, we comprehensively support the military community. Like veterans, military spouses can also enroll in our transition programs or skill-building programs. Our dedicated recruiting team will get in touch with you to understand your job and skill requirements to drive you further.

Yes. We are associated with veteran-friendly companies. They address all the hurdles veterans face during the job search and hire you based on your military experience, skills, and dedication to the job.

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