Steer the military-to-civilian path seamlessly with the right resources. Identify career goals, understand military spouse career options, explore skill training, or avail psychological and profile building assistance, get access to every kind of resource here. Dive deeper into the veteran landscape to better navigate potential educational opportunities, job market, benefits, and more.

Ultimate Guide that helps transitioning veterans find suitable career opportunities in the civilian workplace. Read this guide to get tips on how you can prepare for the career challenge with self-evaluation, keyword research, resume tricks, and more.

A great Small Business Guide that outlines the best grants, loans, and training resources for Veteran Entrepreneurs. Learn the step-by-step process to get your company off the ground.

This guide intends to provide you employers’ perspective by providing valuable information into how a company establishes a recruitment program and what goes behind the scenes.

Prepare for military separation with tools like military separation checklist, separation assessment tool, military separation assessment.

Create a free profile at Veterati to get unlimited access to thousands of volunteer mentors: CEOs, recruiters, entrepreneurs, managers, Veterans & civilians alike.

Toolkit aims to assist with your transition to civilian employment by providing you with information on translating your skills, planning your transition to a civilian career, applying for jobs, and adjusting to the civilian workforce.

Designed to bridge the gap between organizations and job seekers, the eMentor Program offers support, trusted networking, and success and connects individuals for dynamic mentoring experiences.>

Through a network of more than 1,500 on-campus chapters, SVA has been a premier organization for leading service, research, programs, and advocacy for veterans in higher education.

Vetsintech supports transitioning military, veterans, and spouses who have the aptitude and zeal to work in the tech industry.

Vetsintech supports transitioning military, veterans, and spouses who have the aptitude and zeal to work in the tech industry.

It offers many recommendations for building a strong and successful mentoring relationship. It also encourages both Mentors and Protégés to think about the benefits of mentoring, as well as what each participant hopes to get out of the experience.

Career Assessment Questionnaire (CAQ) can be used at the beginning of mentorship to help develop a game plan based on goals and aspirations that are unique to each Protégé.

This guide recommends pages only from trusted organizations and will connect you to all kinds of information, advice, tools, and programs that offer real-world help.