ProcureCon Contingent Staffing


Sun, 03-03-2024

08:00 AM


Tue, 05-03-2024

18:00 PM


Los Angeles, CA View Map

Event Details

We participated in the ProcureCon conference, where we explored Reshaping Contingent Workforce. This event broadened our understanding and forged valuable connections, enhancing our future efforts at Infojini. We had the opportunity to showcase Infojini’s innovative solutions and expertise in contingent staffing management, receiving positive feedback from attendees. Our team’s active involvement in panel discussions and networking sessions further solidified our position as thought leaders in the field. We look forward to building upon the relationships established and leveraging the knowledge gained to better serve our clients and partners.

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Discover Infojini’s groundbreaking solutions for contingent staffing management to meet your organizational objectives. Reach out to our team to explore collaboration opportunities, gain industry insights, and discover our innovative offerings. 

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